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The idea of authentic presence goes beyond technical skills and leadership competencies. It’s about knowing how to leverage the power of reputation and perception – and be seen as a leader by others. Wielding influence takes more than just a job title – It requires the ability to show up and be heard.

Authentic Leadership Presence™ links the mastery of authentic presence to your company’s values and culture. For women, this program provides the strategies to personally define and demonstrate authentic leadership. For companies, it accelerates career development and improves retention of top female talent.

Target Participant: Mid Career

Course Starts: February 6
Locations: Virtual
Applications Due:
January 29


Next4Vets, one of the few programs designed with women Veterans in mind, provides a confidential forum to help them clarify career objectives and communicate their assets in order to leverage them in the corporate world.

We tap into a powerful network of successful women veterans in company leadership roles eager to offer support.

Participants will identify and formulate individual development plans to strengthen their genuine presence within the context of their personal leadership styles and respective company culture.

Target Participant: Female Veterans (all career levels)

Course Starts: February 6
Locations: Virtual
Applications Due:
January 29

Just Released!

Inforum’s Michigan Women’s Leadership Report is a biennial snapshot on the status of women at the highest levels of governance and leadership in Michigan’s public companies.

The 2024 Report is a collaborative initiative between Inforum and the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University. It follows 11 previous reports produced biennially since 2003 that track the advancement of gender diversity in the boardrooms and C-suites of the Michigan companies ranked by revenue and market capitalization.

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Upcoming Events

You’re smart, but are you emotionally smart?

HealthcareNEXT event

You’re smart, but are you emotionally smart? Quick tips for honing and applying Emotional Intelligence at any stage of your career.

Start off the year with actionable, straightforward strategies to elevate your Emotional Intelligence, tailored for real-world application to benefit professionals at any career stage. In 2024’s dynamic professional landscape, this is an easy, virtual 45 minutes you’re going to want to spend on YOU.

Join Lorena Black, VP of Leadership Development for Inforum, as she highlights easy ways to identify and activate emotional intelligence into your everyday work. PLUS, she’ll be giving away free tuition to an upcoming Inforum program, only available if you attend!

February 20, 2024
8:00 – 9:00 AM
Virtual event

Rebuilding Trust in a Connected World

MobilityNEXT event

Join us for the first, MobilityNEXT virtual event (part of 3-part series), where you can learn with fellow women in mobility. Do you know how much risk you face with your personal data daily as a consumer, parent, or employee? It is way more than you can even imagine. Listen in as two industry experts share an insightful conversation on the safety of your personal data in this connected world and how you can take back control of it and rebuild trust in all your connections including cars, phones, and beyond. Take away tips on what you can do in your personal and professional life to rebuild trust and make your data safely work for you.

February 28, 2024
12:00 – 1:30 PM
Virtual event

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